October 16, 2018
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What do I need to know when Hiring a Jumping Castle?

For those who haven’t hired a jumping castle before, here are some good tips to know and ask when enquiring about your castle hire.

1. Check out the area you have available to put the castle on
It needs to be flat and preferably grass as it requires to be pinned down. If it will be on concrete then it will require sandbags for weights to hold it down for safety.
All castles will require a metre extra clear on each side for safety.

2. Have you power nearby for the blowers or power near that can be reached by an extension cord ?
If not a generator will be required which will incur an extra cost to your hire

3. Make sure the Jumping castle Hire Company you are hiring from have public liability insurance encase someone gets hurt
Ask for a copy for your records

4. Make sure the Jumping Castle Hire Company has all their electrical cords tested and tagged
All electrical appliances and cords must be checked and tagged for safety and also an electrical safety cutoff adapter should be used with your hire.

5. Will the company have safety procedures in place such as safety barriers to go around the blowers, mats for getting on and off the castle and a blue card where there are going to be children using the castle.
This is so important so all children will stay safe. Check out the company’s feedback or previews online for other peoples experiences. Other peoples feedback can give you a great view to how the company’s services have been on previous hires.

6. What happens if you pay a deposit and it rains or you have to cancel you need to know what are the conditions We all need to know this as money is so valuable today and we cant afford to lose it on bad experiences
A good Jumping Castle Hire Company will more than likely give your deposit back if it rains or there is a really legitimate reason you cannot go ahead with your hire or alternatively will let you use the deposit again on another occasion within a reasonable time that you both agree to

7. Who is going to supervise the castle which is vitality important
All castles need to be supervised for safety of course and your own piece of mind.
Inflatable Castles are fun and easy to use but incidents can happen such as too many people on at once or children accidentally falling on each other and also someone watching to make sure nothing dangerous likes sticks ,shoes or food is being taken onto the castle while using them.

8. To answer a common question asked by many customers,
Can we have our castle in the Park ?
The answer to this is you will require a permit from the local council for permission on this They will require a lot of conditions for this to happen so it pays to check this our first before going ahead with a hire and finding out you cant have one

If you do have any further questions that you may have we are only too happy to help you with please call:
Helen on 0401358070 Manager/Owner
The Bounce House Sunshine Coast for any other enquiries